Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza

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I love how creative you can be with pizza. The topping options are endless and you don’t need to just stop at Italian or American flavors. A few I still need to try are Thai pizza, enchilada pizza, and a potato rosemary pizza (and that list goes on and on).

Today I went with the classic barbecue chicken pizza but gave it a Hawaiian spin. This pizza will be very familiar to you if you’ve ever ordered something similar at California Pizza Kitchen. To be honest I’ve never ordered there (I think I’ve only been there once or twice my whole life) I just used their idea for inspiration. Their pizza uses Gouda cheese which would also be delicious if you wanted to use half mozzarella and half Gouda for this recipe. I also added bacon, because really can you go wrong with bacon? Plus I thought this pizza needed that saltiness to balance out the sweetness from the pineapple. And you can use homemade or store bought bbq sauce for this recipe, my favorite store bought which I used for this is Bulls Eye Original. It has a good depth of flavor so when I don’t have an hour to wait for a bbq sauce to simmer I usually go with that one.